There is a lot more to do in Swindon than many people think, and I am not just talking about the wonder that is the Magic Roundabout or the outlet centre.

Swindon, is a vibrant town with lots to do for all ages; from art, music and culture to the Steam Museum.

However if you want your visit to Swindon to be something truly memorable then why not give Incarcerated a try?

Incarcerated is an escape room experience with five different scenarios across 4 exciting experiences, for you and your friends to try to beat.

These include the Prisoner of War experience, The Tortured Soul experience, The Conspiracy – Agenda 21 experience and the Cops and Robbers experience.

Each immersive escape room game is for between two and six players and lasts for up to 60 minutes with that aim to be out in under that time frame, your team and you will have to follow the clues and solve the puzzles in order to escape. It is the perfect start to a hen or stag do, along with being perfect ideal corporate, team building exercise.
Depending on your requirements there are various packages available, so for hen and stag parties the games can be personalised with refreshments available upon escape.

For team building events the games can be tweaked so there is a head to head team event to really get the competitive juices flowing. In addition, management are able to observe the teams to see how effective they work together under pressure.

Whilst many of our guests escape between 40 mins to an hour there are a lot more who are “Forever Incarcerated” in Swindon as they did not meet the challenge. Can you and your team prove you are worthy?

Give the team at Incarcerated a call on 01793 523902 to see how we can make your special event exciting and challenging. Then afterwards you can always retire to one of the many eateries and bars that Swindon also has to offer – whilst taking a diversion over the Magic Roundabout just for the craic.