Conspiracy – Agenda 21

After seeing a story online about a YouTube Conspiracist who has concerns about a UN research facility, you have been following the story and his updates. He mentions wild theories about ” The Great Reset ” and a secret plan to control the global population. One night you catch a live feed on his Facebook account which leads you to believe he has been captured. Was it all a hoax? Is there something more sinister going on?

Roll on several weeks, you and your friends no longer speak of the crazy YouTuber and life goes on as normal.

One morning you all receive identical letters stamped with an impressive government seal. The letter states you must not tell anyone that you have been formally summoned to the UN Research Facility in Northwood. You have witnessed an extremely sensitive case of false reporting and that all individuals involved pose a potential threat to national security. The letter states that all candidates are required by law to attend a security briefing and failure to follow these instructions will lead to prosecution.

Is this real? Is any of it true? You are only certain of one thing, you and your team must get to the truth!

This game contains flashing lights, mild gore and themes about being captured and locked up.
Please contact us with any concerns about epilepsy.

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