Conspiracy Agenda 21 - Slide
This game may not be suitable for those with epilepsy.
This game contains mild gore, parental discretion advised.

After seeing a video online from a Conspiracy Theorist who has concerns about a UN research facility, you've been following the story and his updates. He mentions wild theories about " The Great Reset " and a secret plan to control the global population. One night his live feed is cut off and ever since there have been no updates to any of his accounts. Was it all a hoax? Is there something more sinister going on?

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Conspiracy - Agenda 21
Tortured Soul - Slide
This game uses darkness, spooky sound effects and contains horror themes. These include story references to grizzly deaths and suicide.
There are no live actors and nothing in the game is trying to harm the players.

The year is 1903, a series of unexplained and gruesome events have summoned your team of paranormal investigators to the Gallagher household on Victoria Road in Swindon. Your search of the house is interrupted by curious whispers and unsettling sounds drawing you to the old study at the top of the building. No sooner have you crossed the threshold than the door slams shut behind you.

You are trapped, there is no escape and you are not alone.

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The Tortured Soul


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Conspiracy – Agenda 21

The Tortured Soul

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