Em & Em

Prisoner of War

Fri, 30th Sep 16

War Time Hi-jinx Ash & Em Tyron from the Estate Team Veno We smell bacon Gang Gang Calculators don't work We Love DP The 7 Dunce Dwarf's Clue HQ Cops Ashwick Robber Walking Talking Doughnuts Team Bauer Skirt Maker Bowden's Boys Sadie's Bandits Amy's Squad-wrong Solid Crew busted The failures Wanted Dead or Dead Will Phillips Team Hilda Bekky Sucks The Ones That Can't Escape Team Nine Nine The Failures Agenda For The Fail Jelly Time More Brains Needed Stinker Bells SamJam FubberGashTed Dead By Doctor Welcome to the 5% No sense No feeling Battered Training Totty The guys that Clive's Crew beat Prisoner of Spaz A Dose Of Dumb Allegations Of Stupidity Bumb Dats Batty Boiz Completely Crap Cops Crime Don't Pay Team Connor the Numpties Lost By Seconds Stalled By Tony Chomping At The Bit We Are The Katchup Team Devil The M Team Dead and Buried Losers Team G Dub The Sat Backs The Misses Luke Be A Jedi Tonight Dribblekings Just for the money Supermarine Ladies Clueless with clues Half Life Every single one Sandeep's family Spaghetti Team George 2 player SanFrancesca's Girls Izzy Wizzy lets get Bizzy Team Alpha Can't think of a name The Grimshaws The Chicken Wingers Gelly The unsolvables Osborne's anniversay JD's Drunk We Missed Coffee The Bulgarian Goats The Spanners Mitches Bi***es Team Panic Team Anonymous Team Dave's Hangover The Little Pony Club Crouching Tiger Hidden Rachel Team Whiskey Still Stuck Team We Tried Team Yes You Can Josh White Team Turpy Dockle JoJo's Dog grooming The Pinewood Penguins The Whiff The Whiff Team Nigel 2 Team Nigel 1 C2Rec The Five Chromosones Girl Power Doctor Detectives Team Aggie Swindon 6 pack Bristol Boy's All med 2 All Med 1 The Littles The losers Little Boo Peep Has Lost her Sheep Team SJ Goody Baz The Double D's Batman and Robin GoatFace Team Nando's Ratchet Team Firedoor Team Not Supreme Team Julie & Sam Team Birthday Caught In The Act The Relton's Liz's Fault Almost Duo Dinamico Team Captured We Wish We'd Won! Team Nobais The Meg's Team Cook The Shy Ted's Three Amigos Winners Three Amigos Winners The Three Musketeers Harambe The Hallies Team Huh & What Father & Son Team Dino Cozzie & Coke Maru Team Kaylen Team Botato's Shajen Team Hutchinson We Stole Reggie Yucca Villa The Genius's Birthday Boy D Rose Team Bronte Team Trump The Nearly Awesome Jones's Quest For A Date Private Pete's Team A Star Le Miserable Bob & Alex Team Ramirez The Three Of Us Team Chedis Team Stroud The Unicorn team The Five Musketeers Team Mash Milky Joe and the Coconuts Caught In The Act The Loser's Not so Reliant Robins Team Do**che And T**d The Birches The Birches Jen's Loser's The Failures We Didn't Do So Good Team Gucci Team Jepson The Losers The Fumbles Need a second take The Travellers We Are Terrible At This Stuff Team Nightmare Maybe Next Time Caught A Dose Team SOS The Cheeky Nurses Chistorreak Dose Of Rubbish Team Frustrated M*A*S*H The French Guys The Dying Seconds Oh Dear Oh Dear Close Call CaPout The losers Dads Day Buddies Positive Peeps This Team Name We Couldn't Do It Still Locked Up Relentless Stuck Ginger And Her Crew The Wally Brigade The Reds Team International Ambition Locked away Oh Dear Oh Dear The Darling Buds Of Gay Team Gutted Too Little, Too late Team Family Team I Don't Know Sneaker Freaks Team Silly L And L Willmando Team Kerry Cobblers The losers The Kardashians Under Pressure The Roger Moore's Ridgeway Maths The Nearly There's So Close But Yet So Far Team Jenkins The Diva's I don't have a clue The Three Amigos Fail Rate Team Frame Brand Bunch First Base Overly Complicated Tarzanagram The Flannagin's The Numptards Azkaban Inmates The Muppets Flashback The Thick Harpers Changing Rooms Coogan Shunt Team Of Shame Team Slate Line Of Fire Private Pile Team Clueless Capacity My wife can't wrestle but you can se Del And Rodney Mighty Morphing Flower Rangers Ladies That Lunch The A Team Locked Up Darwin's Minions Devils Of DSU No Face If In Doubt...Guess Two Detectives The Losers Gomems Demon Headmaster The Diffy Cult Team Eastbourne We Can Count Wilson No Idea The Full Stops Tiller Ruben Owen's Gang Murder On Zidan's Floor Danger Bee's Norfolk And Chance Shaky Spears Einsteins Lot Luscott Ladies Team RKH We Dont Need No Education Bad Signal Donald Trumped Us Poosiners Of War Bladderdash Now The Drugs Dont Work The Reem Team Dr Death Lack Of Patience Single Snail Palm Tree's NOOOOOO Rock Lobsters Leave Us In There Blunderchops Viet Wrong Whereabouts Unknown Do Not Open Dose Of Doziness B.S.C NO 2 Hell Bent On Jammin Five Minutes More Mel's Idiots MegAnna Non-Running Horse Team LJ's Pink Ladies Team Mayhem Locked up 4eva No Hope Bellsprouts Team Losers The Olly's Cramy Dolly Rockers Top T.A. Team Tashka The Nearly There's The Bethanator's The Simpsons A Key To Far Never Mind The Juicy Dong's Team P.S. Team R.A.J We Tried Hungover Hunnies Cant Get It Right With A Little Help From No One Not even Close Rusty Spoons Try Hard A Little Bit Of Monica Norfolk And Good Filthy Lobsters Nick Came Out Last Team Sparitcus Didn't Make It Besties Day Out Eggheads Team U.N Never A Dull Moment Forever Lost The Heck's Prisoner Cell Block Kay Team Almost Team Almost Team Terrible The Hungover Crew The Five V's Ginger Ninja Norfolk And Chance Close But Not Close Enough Melanie's Idiots Team Lucy Team T*ts The unsuccessful Grunts Must Try Harder Doctor Sadovasaur Team Aanton Dodgy Knee Purple Hearts Little Grey Cells Team Contaminated The Teachers Made Us Do It I Don't Like This Pressure Mother's Ruin Painfully Close The B Team Dreamteam The Usual Suspect's Waynes World It's All Matt's Fault We Should Have Kept James Inside Featherbound Sums Us Up 45 Seconds Away Team Sparticus Brain Dead Bunnies Little Bit Kiss (Not As) Easy As 123 Dream Team S.L.A.M Hector's Hack's Hairy Hen's We're Screwed The Fab Five...But We Lost Locked In Loser's Drowned Rats The Incompetence Scooters Mrs Browns Boys Sherlock Gnomes CRAMY Team Tortoise The Late One's The Huggins We Suck Jezebel Team Marshall Scrambled Egg Heads The Dunnies Cryptic Team Almost Rocket Ron Thick As Pig's S*** Team Incarcerated Cannot Find A Way Out The Dynamic Duo Hufflepuff Fungenda Lost for words 'Pury Fam Team Dixon ALA Team Bean United The New Houdini Dose Of Death 2.0 We Planned It Differently All The Tackle No Relief KAJ Never Gonna Get It Discombobulated Kung Foo Failing The Rambling Ram's Two Munch Food Tis Bitter Sweet The Taste Of Defeat The Negative Ninjas The Leaky Taps Kicked The Bucket Nearly There Forgot To Leave A Name Saw 9 Damn That Yellow Feather Chalk and Cheater Braindead Admin Hunters Abs Workout The Biscuits Vampire Murderer Massive Failure's Swindover Tony's Team Locked Up The Wally's Non-Survivors Not In My School Lacking Sparkle Trumped Us Needed The Loo Half Way Through Didnt Stick It To The Man The Unsolvables Lordan James Let Us Down Mark's Moron's Dont Ask us Birthday Basher's I've Got Nothing Doctor's Dunces We Blame Tara Sophie Campbell Not To Smooth We Can't Get Along Team Smith Batman and Robin J-Lo Glad Nobody Was Watching... Oh Wait It's Slammer Time Mr & Mrs Holmes The Special Squad Martin's Misfit's Team Sea Ling The Tomato Pickles Epic Fail T G I S Wowzeroony Michelle's Misfit's At Least We Tried Ham Sandwich Merchys Hangry and Blind The Mini Failure Team Tundra No Good Birthday Boy Ciren Crew Whoop's Many Mistakes Crunch Time Dumb Team Us Stargate One Short We Tried Confused.Com Plonker's Swunt's We're Idiot's The B Team Attention To Detail Infected Dumb, Dumb, Dumb and Dumber I hope my car's not been towed The Unhelpful Hangover To Much Turkey The Salter Five The Beautiful Loser's Almost There Bulldog Bruiser's Blame Amy So Close The Miraculous Four Solent B Team the Candy Canes Norfolk and Chance The Clumsy Clayton's TEllie The Loser's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Kicked The Bucket Gigantic Mishap Lady H And The Bumwads Jujinda And The G*mps Spectacular Failures The One's Who Don't Win We Hate Mr Feathers Three Minutes It's Josh's Fault Blame It On Bob Should Of Taken The Cane Distressed and Tested Lumps of Coal & Alcohol Prosecco Made Us Do It Rossi's rogues DENSA Chunky Dunk Sister's Of Mercy We didnt do it Minus James Captin Kirks Wolfpack Team Albacete Three Idiots The Little's Irritable Partner Syndrome Smoking With My Bandit Team Tundra Vaughn + His Bitches Close but no cigar Its Charlie's Fault Two Ronnie's Hilliers Gang Nev's Trapped Team Kimbo Conca Scary Moments The Pablo's Ho Ho Ho Team Malos Just Add Jam #TeamDecor2 Happy To Be Out, But We Are Not Sopranos Mytalas Girls Team Darren Gwynne The Unimaginative Elders Samm's Clan Daytime Drinkers The Struggle is Real Russian Number 1 Big G's Big Breakout Missed Apts of Dr Shipman Curiosity Connoisseurs Not Quite M.A.C.C Bushes Of Love Glen's Angel's The Gin Queen's Risky Business Three's A Crowd Josh and Sam Gav's Fault Netflix and Jill Joker In The Pack Team Danchel We Did A Gerrard Nerd Wives The Young Ones Andromeda Jake Took A Break Difference Of Opinion At Least We Tried Lost Hope Jadette's Home Schooled Contemplating Life To Many Cooks Thats Not Easy Fedora Wearing Scrublords Emesians Jonny's Fault We Let Them Win Accrual World Failures Riding Solo Dewey's Team Lisa's B'Day Crew Mk1 Only 2 Of Us Put Us Down Epic Fail It's All Aaron's Fault Vastern One Twas Toms Fault Dodgy Disco Dancers Old School Jumping Jack's Prized Fools Code Breakers Serial Escapees Bad Endo's Four and a Half It's A Fix Pick Something Macey's The Great British Breakout Dad Cant Count Cheese Balls Berkshire Bunch It's Danny's Fault GNTS Florence Inferno Ameeta's Team Loony Labcoats Zo's Before H*e's Rope Trick Jacks Team Adam Connolly The Breakfast Club Bexxtash Frano Failures Courageous Caterpillar Blame Tony Almost Perfect Austin Powers Fuzzy Ducks The Physio Failures Lukes Angels The Muppets Pub Friends PaulPam We Suck Bumblebees Gloria's Broken Toe Secret Seven Universally Challenged The Losers Lukes Troops The Names Craig Bloudy Awful Max! We Couldn't Do It The T**ts Daddies Little Monster Schliersee Tall Girls The Clique Double M Bond, Matt Bond Hot Chief Rob's Team Our Girl The Crystal Twins The Escapers Bunny Huggers Alex's Crew The Farmers The Sanitary Owls Devon Dunces The Bunny Brigade Failed Miserably Chris & Cally Em & Em KNTS A Dose of Clap The Dodgy Lockers CatBrad Dumb and Dumber Chennai Dose Of Death Shawshank 2 Ace In The Hole Brarris Pick and Mix Team Pileggi 3 Amigos The Failer's Selina's Losers The Moodies 2 Still Here Harry Wilson First Sacral Nerve No Signal Vodagone B***H Clueless Bloomin' Eck Taylors Independent Traders, TIT Tatty's Four Krazy Kats No Idea Massive Hic up Sophie S and Friends Flying Monkey Sl*ts Adams Apples Hayley's Boys Kenny The Cooks The Clots James' Fault Dionne's Bday Crew So Frustrated Banged Up The Handy Team Craigs Pharmers Losers Craigs Pharmers Losers RSSC