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About Incarcerated

Incarcerated is a new and exciting Live Escape Room experience based in Swindon. You're trapped in a room and the clock is ticking, you only have 60 minutes to escape. Our cryptic clues and mind boggling mysteries are the only things standing in your way to freedom! Have you got what it takes to beat the challenge and escape before your time runs out?

At Incarcerated, our escape rooms are suitable for 2-6 players per room. We have a minimum age of 11 and any 11-16 year olds must be accompanied by a playing adult. Whether it be with family, friends or a team building exercise, make sure you work closely to maximise your chances of success...

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Keep Calm, Stay Focused, Play Clever!

Our Rooms

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Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:45 - 21:00 (Last Game 20:00)
Thursday 09:45 - 21:00 (Last Game 20:00)
Friday 09:45 - 21:00 (Last Game 20:00)
Saturday 09:45 - 21:00 (Last Game 20:00)
Sunday 09:45 - 21:00 (Last Game 20:00)

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165/166 Victoria Road
Swindon, SN1 3BU